Diesel Engine Repairs and Maintenance

Diesel Engine Problems? Turbo, EGR or DPF? We fix it!

Diesel Engine Repairs and Maintenance

Diesel Engine Repairs and Maintenance in Archerfield

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Is your Diesel Engine running badly?

There are several signs that indicate that your diesel engine has a problem. Those signs are: your diesel is idling rough, is blowing black smoke, is overheating under load, using a lot of oil, using more fuel than usual, shows boost spikes, creates engine shudder. Hence when you come to us with a possible diesel engine issue we will most likely ask you a series of questions.

We use "listening" to your advantage

Listening to what you as the driver of the vehicle have experienced is an important part of our diagnostic procedure. Such subtle hints like “it’s hard to start on cold mornings, the boost spikes happen under certain loads, it happened since I filled up at a certain servo station” help us to pinpoint issues quicker and more efficiently. And before we even start pulling your engine apart we do a cross-diagnosis to rule out culprits one by one thus saving you from costly mistakes of misdiagnosed issues. This diagnostic part is quite important of the process of fixing your issues effectively and efficiently. Why?

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Get the right advice from the start

We experienced many times that other motor mechanics have advised owners to do very expensive repairs which turned out weren’t necessary. MotorMeister has a respectable track record of saving owners from costly repairs that didn’t need to be done. By giving accurate advice and carrying out precisely what’s needed to get the vehicles back on the road … long-term. And this is what we are very proud of.

A rough running or badly performing diesel engine can have many causes. Clogged fuel rails and fuel filters, worn diesel injectors, underperforming fuel pumps and damaged engine internals such as cracked pistons or bent rods are just a few to name.

We sort out your diesel problems

We have many years of experience in diagnosing diesel engine problems and fixing engines. We are not only working on Australian and German sedans but also have a vast amount of experience fixing 4WDs (Ford Ranger, Mazda BT50, Nissan Patrol, Jeep Wrangler CRD, Toyota Hilux to name a few) as well as commercial vehicles such as vans and transporters.

We can also carry out full engine swaps which is sometimes, although unfortunate, necessary.

Feel free to speak to us if you have concerns about your diesel engine and we promise we will give you accurate advice and get you the best results. Your satisfaction is our greatest motivation.


Usual checks we do on diesel engines

  • Compression Testing
  • Injector Tests
  • Timing Belt/Chain Reviews
  • Turbo and Intercooler Checks
  • Radiator
  • ECU/PCM Analysis

Vehicles we repair and service include ...