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Engine Diagnostics

Engine Diagnostics in Archerfield

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Engine running badly? We find out why!

If your engine suffers from bad fuel economy, runs rough, idles bad or blows smoke it's best to come to us to find out why. There could be underlying issues that will worsen over time and render your engine inoperable. Now, most modern engines are equipped with electronic engine control units (ECU) which measure the data from various sensors (ie. Mass Air Flow sensor). This incoming data is then being used to compute things like valve timing and the air-fuel mixture to control a series of actuators which ensure your engine runs optimal.

You see, there are many parts involved in keeping your engine running on an optimum and if it does not often the only thing to find out why is doing a thorough diagnosis on your PCM/ECU. We have the hardware and the expertise to carry out in-depth diagnostics and we will help you to get your engine running smooth and powerful again.

Possible indicators of engine problems

The first sign of an upcoming engine problem could be the little orange icon on your dashboard. This symbol is called the CEL - Check Engine Light (or Motorkontrollleuchte, if you speak German). This little light should not be ignored easily as it indicates that the computerized engine-management system found a malfunction.

The Check-Engine-Light usually has two stages. If it stays steady that indicates a minor fault but if it starts flashing a severe engine fault has been discovered by your Engine Control Unit.

As soon as the CEL is activate, your engine control unit stores a fault code related to the malfunction. This fault code can be read with the use of a scan tool. Be aware that this warning light can indicate almost anything from a loose gas cap to a serious knock in the engine. So come and see us and we find out for you what's wrong.

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