Engine Maintenance and Repairs

We take care of Diesel and Petrol Engines

Engine Maintenance and Repairs

Engine Maintenance and Repairs in Archerfield

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Engine trouble? Come to us!

We are qualified to carry out a broad variety of engine-specific diagnostics and repairs. It doesn't matter if you have a blown head gasket, worn out injectors, oil leaks or your engine is blowing smoke - we will provide you with a lasting solution to your problems.

We have more than 20 years of experience working on Japanese cars as well as on European diesel and petrol engines.

We repair and rebuild

Sometimes it's not enough to replace things like piston rings, pulleys or harmonic balancers and in order to get your car running for a long period, a complete engine rebuild is necessary. We are trained and qualified to carry out full engine swaps (ie. LS conversions) and source quality OEM parts to keep your engine as close to its specifications as possible.

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We get you back on track

We know how important it is to our customers to be mobile. Therefore we will always do our best to get you back onto the road as soon as possible. Often it is the availability of parts that mandate how quickly an engine repair job can be done. We work with a wide network of part dealers and manufacturers to bring down that time which often allows us to carry out work within one or two working days.

  • Engine Diagnostics (Digital and Analog)
  • Gasket Replacements
  • Timing Chain Replacements/Adjustments
  • Injector Rebuilds/Replacements
  • Full Engine Swaps
  • Pulley and Flywheel Repairs
  • Valve Lifters Replacements
  • Turbo and Supercharger Repairs/Replacements
  • Engine Mount Replacements
  • Oil Pressure Switch Replacements
  • Waterpump Replacements

Vehicles we repair and service include ...