Logbook Servicing & Road Worthy Checks

We provide 360 degree logbook checks

Logbook Servicing & Road Worthy Checks

Logbook Servicing & Road Worthy Checks in Archerfield

Lobook Servicing

Keep your service logbook up-to-date!

The best way to maintain your warranty and keep the resale value of your vehicle up is to have a good logbook history and collecting your servicing seals.

We do logbook-servicing specific do your vehicle's manufacturers service bulletins and specifications. No matter if big or small service we try our best to get you back on the road on the same day.

Our logbook service also contains a thorough check for possible upcoming issues (just something to keep an eye on) and manufacturer recalls. At the end of our routine, we provide you not only with an entry in your car's logbook but also with a bullet-point sheet with carried out work and things to keep an eye on.

Our logbook service is tailored to the manufacturer's specifications of your vehicle and the number of years and driven kilometres. We are happy to inform you about the exact items before we carry out the work if you'd like a heads-up.

Following is a list of work to expect within a standard service (depending on small or big) schedule.

Selling a vehicle?

We will help you get your car up to "speed" for a genuine Queensland Roadworthy Certificate. We will do a full inspection of your vehicle in case of repairs we will help you mitigate/fix all issues and give you a Roadworthy Certificate after everything checks out. Sell your vehicle with peace in mind that it's safe and sound to operate on the road.

Lobook Servicing
Roadworthy Servicing

Buying a second-hand vehicle?

If you intend to buy a second-hand vehicle it's best to get your soon-to-be car thoroughly checked before you buy it. Because otherwise, you might find a few nasty surprises that could end up costing you more money than you want to spend. We do a full pre-purchase checkup which includes things like checking for fluid leaks, wheel alignments, rust and hidden damage repairs, bald tyres, exhaust system issues, error code scans and general safety precautions like worn seat belts, malfunctioning airbags and unaddressed manufacturer recall bulletins.

Our Logbook Service may include

  • Changing Engine Oil, Transmission Oil, Diff Oil
  • Changing Oil and Fuel Filters
  • Topping up Coolant
  • Timing Belt Replacement (usually around 100,000km)
  • Waterpump Replacement (usually together with Timing Belt)
  • Testing Cooling System
  • Checking Battery
  • Checking Exhaust
  • Checking/Topping up Brake Fluid
  • Checking Steering and Suspension (Alignment, Bushes)
  • Checking Transmission (Automatic/Manual)
  • Checking Tyres and Lights
  • Checking Windscreen Wipers and Water Jets
  • Checking/Replacing Air Filters
  • Checking Air Conditioning
  • Inspecting Belts
  • Inspecting Hoses

Vehicles we repair and service include ...